Split- second Eternities

Within a split-second, everything can change- laughter into tears, sorrow into some faint hope, presence to a gloomy nonexistence. I've always been struggling with change- of goodbyes and endings. Now, with my eyes and this thing I names Grunge, I freeze these moments, in the hope of reliving what-had-been. Split-second moments into eternities.

New Year, New Tear [1.1.2010]


In her bed she lulls herself to sleep

To heal those wounds dissected so deep

She moans, she screams, she calls out names

Her heart enveloped in gloomy flames.

She shuts her eyes and bites her lips,

The agony is hard to keep.

In silence she wonders where else she went wrong,

Was it being outspoken or being hushed for so long?

For eighteen years, she tried so hard

To be their perfect, wonderful little child.

She memorized every line, every piece of their dream

When to cry and laugh, when to lose and win

She remembered everything, every part she must take

Each tear to hold back and each smile to fake.

She learned to forget how to act on her own

She was taught to keep only those images they’ve shown.

Now that she awakens to the truth she’s only a doll

She lies in her bed and for herself she lulls.

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Media should be returned to the way it was during the Marcos regime.


Seriously, this is a FALSE MEDIA FREEDOM. Journalists and newsmen are still being killed where the number of deaths continue to increase but the cases given justice ceases to improve.

I want to puke whenever I watch the television. Nonsensical news about showbiz feuds, sensationalized deaths and meaningless fabricated acts of heroism, defeat and such.

During the Marcos regime, every media station was controlled. Every word, ever coverage was under a seemingly tyrannical shadow, but at least no trash is being shown. Newspapers went underground, and the passion for delivering TRUE news was overwhelming. People did die, but they died writing for freedom, not for money. Some were shot, others even tortured, but those words that were spoken were meaningful, ink and paperworks were not commercialized.

Now, open the television. You see crappy disgusting shows mocking us all. Teens getting pregnant, simple acts narrated as scandalous, never-ending commercials about HOW SOCIETY WANTS TO SEE YOU AND HOW YOU MUST ALTER YOURSELF TO FIT IN.

Holy shitholes.

This is a crap load of shit we are made to digest if we open our television screens and sit for about an hour or two.

I hate how the media, instead of bringing truth to the people, most of the times, just conceals it. This is not a free country. This is a country under still a hidden coup ‘d etat, where people are unconscious slaves of false advertisements and stereotypical shits.

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